Organisation Challenge – Day 6 – Dresser top and Drawers

•January 20, 2011 • 1 Comment

Sorry I am so behind on this challenge. I got lazy and put it off and then I had sick kids and my husband was away. Anyway, this challenge was super hard for me. I knew it needed to be done but this was a more emotional one for me. The top was no problem, just junk on top. I did that part first 😉

The drawers were the hard part. I have clothes of all sizes stuffed in there. The sizes range from size 10-18! Crazy! Before I had my third baby I fit the size 10 now its the 18 😦 I have a hard time with this. I used to buy clothes I liked in my former size thinking that I would eventually fit them. So I have all these great clothes that I can’t wear and that makes me cry. It’s funny how my style has changed as my weight has changed. I look at the small stuff and it was trendy and fun and colorful. Now my stuff is boring to say the least. mainly black, lots of sweats and big tshirts. I think some of it is due to the lack of awesome clothes for bigger people, and a big part of it is that I am now trying to hide behind my clothes and trying to blend in. So, now you know the secret thoughts of me! LOL

So, I went through all of my clothes. I ended up with 3 bags of giveaway stuff and 1 bag of garbage stuff.

I have one bin and one box of clothes that I hope I can fit into someday. For now they will be put out of sight because honestly they make me cry!

It was kinda fun to go through my jewelry and remember some old memories. I even have some old earings of my moms! This was my moms jewelry box, its pretty beat up but the music box still works and brings back so many memories.

And my dresser is clean!

This was an emotional journey for me, but one I needed to take. I doubt tomorrows will be so emotional! LOL


Can You Believe Its Her Fourth?

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This is my neighbor Keri. She is expecting her fourth baby but you couldn’t tell by looking at her. From the back she doesn’t even look pregnant! I had so much fun playing around and trying new things. She let me do whatever I wanted and was so willing to get up and down as many times as I needed 🙂 She had always said that she almost wanted to be pregnant again just so I could do some maternity pictures for her. Well, she did and I was so happy!

The oldest

The second

The third

Love this tender moment!

Sexy Momma!


Can’t wait for this baby to come! Is is the 4th girl or will it be a boy?

Belated Sneak Peek

•January 17, 2011 • 2 Comments

My internet has been out since Friday so I have not been able to do any sneak peeks and I know this momma is going crazy! I will post a couple just to make her happy!

Hope this keeps you happy for another day or so Keri!

My Beauties!

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I was at the Forks on Sunday, my birthday, taking engagement photos and I brought the family down with me. I wanted to grab some shots of Bekah and Brooke as I have needed to take pics of them for awhile. I am hoping to get some more this weekend… we’ll see. I am really enjoying getting out and getting some winter pics as I tend to hibernate all winter.

After being outside for a bit we went in and got some mini donuts and played around.

My crazy family!


Organization Challenge – Day 5 – Under The Sink Cabinet

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So I guess I have fallen behind. I was just exhausted yesterday! So I am going to try to do 2 today, we’ll see how it goes 😉 Today was an easy day, I knew it wouldn’t take long. I don’t have a lot of space under my sink so I don’t have a lot of stuff under there. I have always kept all the chemicals in the linen closet, on the top shelf. With kids you never know what could happen so I always kept them up. So here is under my sink.

The biggest problem I have was where to put the plastic bags. I have this ‘bag lady’  a bag that keeps bags but I have no where to hang it so it has always been shoved under the sink. I have decided that I am actually going to put it in my laundry room so I need to buy one of those plastic things to put on the door.

I have so much more room down there now that I can store extra paper towels down there too.

Now, onto my dresser! ugh…..

Valentines extended!

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Just to update you, due to an overwhelming response I have extended the hours because I am almost full already! I now have morning appointments available from 9-11:30 and from 5:30 to 6:30! Book now before all the spots are filled!!

Winter Engagement Session

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This couple is getting married in February so we met at the Forks this past Saturday to take their engagement shots. It was milder than the past few days have been and because of that it was extra busy there.

Looking forward to the wedding!